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Have you thought about your organisations learning footprint?

By reducing or even eliminating the need to travel for staff training, you could see a dramatic reduction in your organisations carbon emissions.

Learning Footprint is a website dedicated to helping organisations mimimise the environmental impact of their training and development programmes through the use of E-Learning.

Use our free calculator to estimate your learning footprint and see how much carbon you could save by switching a percentage of your training to E-Learning. You can even download a PDF report of the calculation to include in your next business case.

Once you've calculated your environmental impact, have a look at what you can do about it.

Cutting Carbon

Being Carbon Neutral is rapidly becoming a key objective in the strategies of businesses around the world. The idea is simple - change the ways in which you operate to lower emissions and then offset those emissions you cannot avoid creating by investing in high quality projects, such as renewable energy projects around the world.

There is currently a misconception that an organisation can simply add up its emissions and "offset" them all. This isn't going to change the situation, what is required is an active reduction in the emissions produced.

The Carbon Neutral Protocol lists 5 steps in the process to becoming Carbon Neutral:

  1. Owning the problem
  2. Quantifying the impact
  3. Reducing emissions wherever possible
  4. Offsetting the remainder
  5. Communicating effectively

However, identifying areas for carbon reduction is no easy task.

Lowering your Learning Footprint is a really simple way to dramatically cut the amount of emissions your training create.



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